1463537_805803536231855_4544231601413541655_nWhether it’s self-discipline, somewhere to burn some energy or a way to make new friends, our academy caters for your children.

Our specially designed junior syllabi aim to equip young martial artists with the skills to encourage both their mental and physical development. In martial arts, as in life, certain skills are fundamental to succeeding and students that progress through our ranks show the obvious benefits and it’s clear to see the joy our students get from overcoming barriers that were once a problem.

For children under 9 yrs of age, this programme is designed to facilitate children in learning and understanding the fundamental building blocks of their martial arts journey. All sessions are carried out in a fun, safe environment with the key essentials reinforced at every opportunity.

For children 9 years and above. These lessons are structured and taught in such a way that the fundamentals are built upon, and a students’ individual needs are catered for. The lessons are more focussed on self-defence skills, fitness levels and promoting confidence and self-esteem.